I am a Five Element acupuncturist, a certified TRE provider, a practitioner of the Shan Ren Dao and of InnerDialogue work. My practice is at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center in Northwest Portland. I’m also mama to a high-spirited young boy. I believe that even the smallest symptom can be an inroad to the deeper healing of the whole person.

This blog is an exploration of the foundational principles of my healing practice. To that end, it’s an inquiry into what it means to be authentically embodied. That is, what does it mean to fully embody our most authentic selves? This inquiry involves asking the following questions: What does it mean to have true inner dialogue? What does it mean to have a true dialogue with the world? How does dialogue–or lack of dialogue–with ourselves and the world impact our capacity to be authentically embodied?

I am interested in conversation. Please comment as you feel moved to!  549409_3406634517333_411542804_n  Check out my Yelp reviews here.